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Jan Pieter Foppen

Jan Pieter Foppen (1972) is an artist who is fully committed to the figurative tradition. In 1997 he graduated from the College of Arts Constantijn Huygens in Kampen after which he sets up as an independent artist in Zeist. In his early years he painted many autobiographical paintings in which light and color had already played an important role. Yet what begins to change.

“As a human being but also as a painter you must evolve¬†constantly. It would not be good if I painted in the same way as when I had just graduated. Gradually I got more interested in the light of the reality around me. Most people do not notice, until they recognize my paintings. Daily life offers so many beautiful scenes. Especially if the light is magic and play, you can see the beautiful things. Since I can not get enough of! It is a challenge to get the painting in those moments.

About the painter Isaac Israels hs been written that he was a viewer of choice. He was keen to catch life. I recognize that. If you manage to capture such a moment you celebrate a small party with yourself and you’re just intensely happy. “